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The D-backs combined Players' Weekend and the LLWS for some wonderful player introductions

(Chesterton, Eric)

It may be Players' Weekend around Major League Baseball, but elsewhere in the baseball world, it's the Little League World Series as well. So, why not combine the two for an ultimate baseball party?
That's just what the D-backs did prior to squaring off against the Mariners Friday night. They introduced their starting lineup by sharing a) their Players' Weekend nicknames and b) a fun fact about themselves, LLWS-style:

You can almost feel A.J. "Pollo" Pollock's love for chicken tenders. And, is that the influence of Big Al we're detecting in Zack "Bull" Godley's announcement that he throws a lot of curveballs? 
Now we feel we know the D-backs starting lineup just a bit better than we did before.