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Darren O'Day totally botched catching Adam Jones' 200th homer in the Orioles bullpen

Pitching-wise, Darren O'Day had a pretty good game out of the bullpen in the Orioles' 1-0 win over the Tigers on Friday. He worked a scoreless eighth inning, which included striking J.D. Martinez out swinging, and notched his sixth hold of the season. His work in the bullpen, however …

When Adam Jones slugged the 200th homer of his career in the sixth inning -- a solo shot that ended up the difference in the game -- O'Day moved into position to reel it in, only to have the ball slip through his fingers. You can probably still hear the echoes of "Noooooo!" ringing throughout the streets of Baltimore.
At a #PlayBall clinic on Saturday afternoon, O'Day felt compelled to defend himself and his track record of home run snagging:

The worst part was, he knew he could catch a Jones homer, too. He'd robbed him during batting practice just a couple of hours before with a great leaping catch at the wall: 

I guess that's why practice is practice, and the game's the game.