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David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski are back with another summer anthem

The calendar had flipped to June, the temperature had skyrocketed and, as summer began, the world was staring at a deep and dark void: Where, oh where, was our song of the summer? What would be the soundtrack as we headed to the beach? What earworm would we play while hanging out in the pool on our giant, inflatable flamingo?
Luckily, America's greatest songwriting pair is here in our time of need, and they come bearing iced coffee. Yes, David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski laid down another commercial track, and it's going to be stuck in your head for months:

While their previous summer anthem, "Sippin'", was some lilting soft rock over delightfully shimmering guitars, "Paradise" has a bit more reggae funk to it. The video also features a bulldog, selfie sticks, limbo sticks and secret handshakes -- in other words, everything you need for an excellent summer.