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In his final Opening Day, the hoodie-wearing David Ortiz hit another home run

When David Ortiz plays his final game, deep heavy tears will fall down our cheeks. With his hand claps, big hits and a personality so infectious the CDC should issue a warning, Ortiz is the kind of slugger who is already approaching myth before his career is even over. 
On his last Opening Day, one which had to be delayed a day thanks to snow, Ortiz came to bat in the top of the ninth. With a runner on first and his hoodie blowing in the breeze like it was his own mini-cape, the man who has more power than Paul Bunyan, a smile brighter than Superman's and the ability to spread baseballs further than Johnny Appleseed ever could, unloaded like he had 503 times before. 

For a player who seems to generate baseball narrative like he was a creative writing student -- look no further than the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees or the 2013  ALCS against the Tigers for proof -- it only makes sense that Ortiz would go deep in his final Opening Day.
Given that he's 40 years old, the home run is also a welcome sight for Red Sox fans hoping that he'll replicate his 37-home run, .913 OPS of 2015. After all, myths are timeless, so it makes sense that Ortiz would never age, either.