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Back on "Dancing with the Stars," David Ross' new dance horrified Anthony Rizzo

On Monday night, David Ross made his third appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" after donning a bedazzled Cubs uniform in his first episode and Zubaz in his follow-up. So what was the next dancing garment for the 40-year-old retiree? Almost nothing at all.
On the show's "Vegas Night," Lindsay Arnold told a somewhat-horrified Ross about her plan: a jazz routine "inspired by the stars of 'Magic Mike Live.'"
Watch, but don't say you haven't been warned.

Ross brought some of his first episode's theme back with a pair of red bedazzled boxers, and after dancing with his entourage to 50 Cent's "Candy Shop," he ditched his black-and-white attire for a "shirtless" getup.

One of his former teammates gave the response we were all feeling.

That really says it all. "Dancing with the Stars" actually showed Rizzo's tweet live on air to Ross, who could only laugh.
The judges gave Ross and Arnold a high enough combined score to pass them through to next week without any problems. Well, no problems other than perhaps the mental scarring of at least one All-Star first baseman watching at home.