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David Ross got so fired up after picking off Conor Gillaspie, he tried to leave the field with two outs

Fresh off his NL Wild Card Game heroics, Conor Gillaspie led off the third inning of the Giants' 1-0 loss to the Cubs in NLDS Game 1 with a single. But he was not at first base long.
After some patented Joe Maddon shenanigans -- which saw Anthony Rizzo and Javier Báezswitch places for a moment -- David Ross, in his final postseason, nabbed a drifting Gillaspie with a perfect pickoff:

According to Statcast™, Ross had a pop time of 1.49 seconds on the play, beating the league average of 1.64 seconds by more than a tenth of a second, and threw 83 mph to Javier Baez at first. He was, naturally, fired up.
So fired up, in fact, that after throwing out Johnny Cueto at first after the pitcher's bunt in the next at-bat, Ross tried heading to the dugout. The problem: There were only two outs.

There must be something about October that just makes Ross really jazzed to get to the next inning.
See how fired up Ross gets in NLDS Game 2 on Saturday at 8 p.m ET/5 p.m. PT on MLB Network.