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David Ross was the elder boy band heartthrob you always dreamed of on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Every successful boy band has its elder statesman, the one guy in the group who's slightly older than everybody else. If the 2016 Cubs were a boy band, well, David Ross was obviously their Kevin Richardson or Chris Kirkpatrick.
With that in mind, Monday's installment of "Dancing With the Stars" saw Ross cast in perhaps his most perfect role yet: as a member of #TeamBoyBand featuring the remaining men in the competition. They went head-to-head with #TeamGirlGroup in a showdown that was really only missing Carson Daly for maximum throwback appeal.

Ross and fellow boy banders Nick Viall, Bonner Bolton and Rashad Jennings definitely looked the part:

Ross hyped up the night's events with this alluring tweet directed at his pal, Anthony Rizzo, that doubled as a send-up of NSYNC's landmark "Tearin' Up My Heart" video: 

Compare that to this:

And there was also this (though we already know he has fake abs he probably could have used anyway):

Ross' actual dancing on the broadcast came first in the form of an Argentine tango with his partner, Lindsay Arnold (you can watch that clip in the main media slot above). As for Ross' boy band performance, he and his fellow heartthrobs delivered arguably as well as the Backstreet Boys' record-shattering first-week sales of 1999's Millenium album.
They all joined forces for a choreographed segment set to songs originally made famous by the likes of The Jackson 5, New Kids on the Block and One Direction in a medley that must be seen to be believed:

Since Ross busted his moves in front of bona fide Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, a celebrity judge on the night, he posited the following suggestion on Twitter after the program aired (and why not, really):

In the end, Ross and Arnold successfully made it through to the next round of competition, so tune in next Monday to see just what they'll have in store for the next chapter in this saga ...
Kudos to you, David Ross, for one of the best MLB boy band moments since this.