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Dee Gordon showed off his wheels -- and smile -- on an action-packed bunt 'triple'

Bunts, baby! Can you feel the excitement? Does the mere mention of the word put a shiver down your spine? 
OK, sure, bunts usually aren't as fun as a dinger, or a good catch, or even a pitcher making a weird face while throwing the ball, but Dee Gordon's bunt in the fifth inning of Thursday's 3-2 loss against the Phillies had everything you'd want. 
After dropping the ball down on the grass, Gordon took off. With his wheels, he gave pitcher Ben Lively little time to throw. Thanks to that speed, Lively made things, well, lively as his throw was wide and went down the first-base line. 
Gordon then took off for second, his arms windmilling around like he was a cartoon character trying to add some extra speed. 

With the throw to second going into the outfield, Gordon took off for third. With a "triple" that never left the infield grass, Gordon gave one of the largest smiles you'll ever find on a baseball field: 

Put it all together and what do you get? Pure bunt excitement: