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Derek Jeter interviewed his golf buddy, President Obama, and got burned

On Monday, The Players' Tribunereleased a preview for Derek Jeter's interview with his golf buddy and the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama. The pair talked about Obama's impending retirement (Jeter probably has some good tips), and the president took the opportunity to get in a good dig on The Captain:
Jeter: "Me retiring and you retiring are two completely different things."
Obama: "No, but Derek, you are somebody who now has some experience in hanging up the cleats here, and I'm about to retire. I'm not quite as young as you, but still relatively young -- "
Jeter: "Thank you, can you repeat that? Because when you're in sports, they say you're old at 30. So thank you, I appreciate that."
Obama: "Well, I mean, for a baseball player, you were old, man. Let's face it -- I mean come on, man -- we saw you trying to run around those bases."
The president was probably just paying Jeter back for hustling him on the links. The full interview will go live on Wednesday, but for now, you can watch the preview below:

h/t Hardball Talk