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A diehard Brandon Belt fan wore a giraffe on his head at the Giants game

You may think you're a fan if you wear a jersey with your favorite player's name on the back. Or maybe when you decide to get a tattoo of his face on your arm. Both good fan techniques, but no, sorry.
The true worth of a fan can only be reached when one wears a stuffed giraffe atop one's head right behind home plate where TV cameras can capture it. Like this fan during Tuesday's Giants-Braves game:

It's safe to assume that the fan is probably doing it for Brandon "Baby Giraffe" Belt, although we're hoping he always looks like this. Going to the grocery store, reading the newspaper, working out at the gym ...
Although Belt went 0-for-3, the Giants won the the game, 4-0, and giraffes everywhere reacted thusly.