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Listen to the dulcet tones of hockey legend 'Doc' Emrick call a Pirates game

Broadcasting a sporting event is a pretty hard job. Not just anyone could pick it up and immediately excel at it, right? Mike "Doc" Emrick, however, isn't just anyone -- he's in the Hockey Hall of Fame and has his very own soundboard, if you need proof. And, on Thursday, he took a turn in the Pirates' radio booth, and predictably crushed it. 
While he did have to check his Pittsburgh fandom -- "I gotta divorce myself from cheering," he admitted at one point -- he called a couple innings of the Pirates' game against the Blue Jays like a seasoned pro. Click on the link above to hear his legendary voice narrate the action ... and turn a double down the line into the most dramatic event of your entire life.
We regret to inform you that no words were invented, though.