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An ill-conceived bet about Joe Blanton led a Dodgers fan to eat entirely too much ballpark food

(Billy Hurst)

Hey, a bet's a bet.
For most of his career, Joe Blanton was a starting pitcher. In 2013, he re-emerged as a reliever, and did quite well for the Royals and Pirates before the Dodgers signed him ahead of the 2016 season. One fan who goes by the Twitter moniker @TheAmitie, however, was skeptical that Blanton would be much of a presence for Los Angeles this season. So much so, in fact, that he put a lot on the line when making a preseason bet that he shared on Twitter:

As the summer wore on, Blanton continued pitching (well) and @TheAmitie realized he had to reaffirm his bet:

In preparation of this becoming a reality, he even launched a Kickstarter campaign about it.
Well, as it turns out, Blanton was a linchpin of manager Dave Roberts' bullpen for the NL West-winning Dodgers, throwing 80 innings and posting a 2.48 ERA in that span -- with 80 strikeouts, to boot. 
@TheAmitie's day of reckoning came in Monday's NLDS Game 3 matchup between the Nationals and Dodgers at Chavez Ravine. 
Naturally, his struggle was documented on social media:

With update:

After update chronicling his saga:

When asked to comment about his day of gorging at the Stadium, he had plenty to say.
So, why Joe Blanton?
"I didn't think he would pitch 75 innings this year, but the 'well below league-average ERA' was the one that really shocked me. Took me by complete surprise. As the season was going on I could start seeing early on that this was going south for me, and people kept re-tweeting it around the Dodgers fans circle on Twitter, like 'he's gonna have to do it!' and every time I just realized it was going to happen."
At what point in your eating did you realize you'd had enough?
"The fries, absolutely the fries. I just realized midway through the piles of fries -- roughly the size of a basketball, it was three helmet fries -- so three times as much helmet fries as you're used to. And then also the fries with the chicken fingers, and fries with the buffalo chicken, just way too many fries."
Any important lessons to take away from this experience? 
"I'm not betting against Joe Blanton again. I'm sorry I did that."
Let this be a warning to anybody out there that might want to make a similar bet on social media in the future -- this is the sort of thing that can happen if you do ... so be careful out there. Check out the entire interview below:

Blanton pitched well in Game 3, striking out three over 1 1/3 innings. Unfortunately, the Dodgers lost, 8-3, and will face the Nats in Game 4 at 5 p.m. ET on FS1 on Tuesday.