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A Dodgers fan named their dog Kershaw, much to the delight of the actual Clayton Kershaw

It's a pretty busy time for Major League ballplayers. Between running around with weights on their back and playing actual games, it'd be understandable if they didn't have much time to answer fan mail. Clayton Kershaw, however, didn't receive just any fan mail: He got a photo of an extremely adorable dog. 
As explained in a Reddit post on Tuesday afternoon, the pup had recently been adopted by Dodgers fan "rjohnstone13," and only one name seemed appropriate: Kershaw. They decided to send the lefty a picture to commemorate the occasion.
The kicker? Kershaw autographed the photo and mailed it back -- signed "to Kersh": 

It might be the first day of March, but Kershaw's autographing is in midseason form.