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Dodgers fans abandoned practicality for style in dressing up for World Series Game 1

On Tuesday night, Dodger Stadium hosted not only its first World Series game in 29 years, but also the hottest World Series game on record. Although it was 103 degrees at first pitch, the fans braved the heat and were treated to a 3-1 Dodgers victory.
Few in the ballpark were as dedicated to the cause as the man who dressed up in a banana outfit as a tribute to Enrique Hernández. As explained in the video above, Hernandez has been known to don the costume in an effort to spark a rally.

So, these fans decided to bring that good-luck charm back, and one of them wore the outfit himself. The top hat only made the costume classier. Eat your heart out, Mr. Peanut.
Elsewhere, another fan took jersey-wearing to the next level. Sure, many people at Dodger Stadium wear shirts with Yasiel Puig's name on it, but how about adding a hat, baseball pants and shoes with the Dodgers logo on them to the outfit? 

That's next-level commitment.
Tune into Game 2 of the World Series presented by YouTube TV on Wednesday on FOX (7:30 p.m. ET air time, 8 ET game time).