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Joc Pederson's foul ball forced teammate Corey Seager to hit the deck

Friendships aren't all sunshine and flowers. People who know each other will sometimes get into arguments, have conflicting priorities, and even accidentally hit baseballs at each other.
During the second inning of Friday night's game against the Rockies, the friendship of Dodgers Joc Pederson and Corey Seager was put to the test when Pederson hit a foul ball in the direction of the visiting team dugout:

Seager had to hit the deck to get out of the way, but he seemed to be in good spirits about it. After a Pederson double, he showed that there were no hard feelings as he drove his teammate in with a double of his own.
Seager is a young player with many more trips to the on-deck circle ahead of him in his career. If he wants to avoid taking such evasive measures in the future, he may do well to take some coaching from his former teammate, Carlos Ruiz: