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Kiké Hernandez decided to stand on a bucket for his postgame interview

Following Wednesday's 4-2 win over the Rockies, Dodgers outfielder Kiké Hernandez had a post-game interview with Dodgers reporter Kelli Tennant. If you're not familiar with Tennant's work, you might not be aware that, as a former collegiate volleyball player, she is quite tall. The USC athletic department, where she played collegiately, lists her as 6'2".

At a listed 5'11", Hernandez comes in at about an average height, but, decided to flip the script on this interview.

Despite having to crane her neck to interview Hernandez, Tennant seemed appreciative of the opportunity to see a different side of him. Will this be a permanent platform for Hernandez? Will Tennant acquire a bucket of her own? Or, will all simply go back to normal next time around? Stay tuned to find out.