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Yasiel Puig finished off a hustle double with a slide that seemed to stop time

Yasiel Puig hit a surefire single into left field during the fifth inning of the Dodgers' 4-2 loss to the D-backs on Tuesday. But Puig, being Puig, would not settle for a mere single. He wanted more. And so he kept on going -- running so fast into second base that he overslid the bag by about two feet. 
"Oh, no!" you may have thought. Was this a mistake? Will he be out?
Fear not, intrepid baseball fans. This is Yasiel Puig we're talking about.

Did he stop time? Were his hands attached to the base via some invisible lasso? Is he just an incredibly talented athlete who can pull off amazing feats?

Yeah, that's probably it.'s Ken Gurnick talked to Puig about the slide after the game:
"I was trying to get on the bases. Throw was to his left hand so I tried to tag with my right. I wasn't able to reach it, so I went again with my left and if I hadn't got it with my left hand, I would have used my tongue."
Yes, please do that next time.