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After flailing at a Cody Allen pitch that bounced, Drew Butera couldn't help but give him props

In baseball, you don't get a lot of time to make decisions. You have to figure out if you'll be swinging at a pitch within a fraction of a second ... and when you commit, you commit.
Drew Butera committed to a swing on an offering from Cody Allen in the bottom of the ninth in the Royals' 6-3 loss to the Indians on Saturday afternoon, and it resulted in ... well, this: 

Butera, an accomplished relief pitcher this season in his own right, knows a quality off-speed pitch when he sees one. After all, he's usually a catcher. So his reaction in the clip above, conveying a sense of, "OK, OK, not bad, not bad," is definitely accurate and exemplary of what went down.
Speaking with's Jeffrey Flanagan after the game, Butera (appropriately) explained his reaction: "Well, yeah, it almost hit the grass."
Allen, meanwhile, told's Jordan Bastian that, "I was thinking, 'If that was my fastball, he would've been right on time.'"
Seeing Butera's situation on Saturday calls to mind the other times this season we've seen batters go up there and have to stare down impossibly gifted relievers like Andrew Miller:

Baseball is a game of micro-moments that combine to form a master narrative, but these might be some of the most fun.