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Now that his Cubs won it all, Dwyane Wade is looking forward to LeBron in a Cubs jersey

When the Cubs and Indians first punched their tickets to the World Series, Cleveland native LeBron James struck up a bet with Chicago native and banana boat brother for life Dwyane Wade: The loser has to wear the victor's jersey to the opposing team's city.
Now that we have ourselves a winner -- thanks to the Cubs' heart-stopping win in Game 7 -- you better believe Wade intends to cash in:

After congratulating the North Siders on their magical run, Wade makes it official: When James' Cavaliers travel to Chicago to play the Bulls on Dec. 2, LeBron will be wearing a Cubs jersey. The King seemed to be taking it OK, and delivered a message to the Indians in the wake of a tough loss:

And if James needs any help getting into the spirit of things, Wade's got some Photoshop that should help:

 Friends don't let friends back out of a wager, after all.