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Rhys Hoskins keeps hitting home runs and each one of them is special

That Rhys Hoskins … he's so hot right now. The 24-year-old's bat has been on fire and he just hit his 10th homer of the season on Saturday night against the Cubs. And if you're wondering if this game is easy for him, the question has already been asked, and while he didn't say there was anything effortless about it, he surely makes it look that way.

Hoskins seems unstoppable, and that very well could be the case. And while each one of his home runs this season is special, let's look at the blasts that have made a big impact and put Hoskins on the map.
His first two career big league home runs occurred in the same night -- yes, you read that correctly. He connected twice against the Padres on Aug. 14, and baseball welcomed him with open arms. Well, after he received the silent rookie treatment all the young guys endure in the dugout.

Nine days and four homers later, Hoskins absolutely smashed this 445-foot home run off a Justin Nicolino offering with his seventh of the season in 14 games. The ball flew off the bat with an exit velocity of 109.1 mph and a launch angle of 28 degrees. The guy can not only hit these balls over the fence, he can also send them flying.

Hoskins set a Major League record with nine home runs in 16 games on Friday night

Then the rookie beat that record with his 10th home run in 17 games on Saturday night.

If you don't know the name Rhys Hoskins yet, you should learn it quickly.