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Eddie Rosario jump-started the Puerto Rico-DR game with a cannon throw to home plate

In a World Baseball Classic, um, classic on Tuesday night, Puerto Rico took on the Dominican Republic in San Diego. It was a battle of the undefeateds, as neither team lost in Round 1 -- going 3-0 with rosters full of MLB stars. 
So, it's not surprising that right away, in the top of the first inning, Team DR loaded the bases and threatened to jump out to an early lead. Unfortunately, Carlos Santana lined out to right fielder Eddie Rosario, who caught the ball and promptly fired a laser beam to nab Jean Segura at home plate:

Yadi Molina was pretty pumped.

Segura probably should've known better -- Rosario has been known to reach nearly triple digits with his arm. There's also this little tidbit:

Either way, an exciting way to start a second-round pool that should be fascinating to watch.