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Orlando Arcia and Elias Diaz participated in a post-national anthem standoff, and it was epic

Every day, we witness the physical toughness of these ballplayers as they step foot on the field. But, we often forget how much of the mental game is involved. That is until they have a standoff following the national anthem.
After the performance of the Star-Spangled Banner on Tuesday, the Brewers-Pirates game was set to get underway. Well, eventually -- after a standoff between Orlando Arcia and Elias Díaz.
The two stood on the edge of the dirt with complete poise (and some help from fellow teammates), and we were unsure if either one of them would ever break.

The Pirates made sure Diaz's manicure was up to par as he waited. Once that was done, they gave him an iPad to keep him occupied. All the while, across the field, Arcia was standing under an umbrella with a sip of water from Josh Hader. And, in true Arcia fashion, snacks were involved, but not before the team could grab a quick selfie. 

Diaz ultimately won after official Joe West had a few words with both teams, but until that point, neither dropped their hat from over their heart.
We appreciate the dedication.