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Evan Longoria crowdsourced his grocery list and the results looked delicious

(Chesterton, Eric)

What is captivating about so many cooking competitions is how the chefs are able to create a beautiful and tasty dish -- if the judges are to be believed -- in a short amount of time with ingredients and constraints that they can't plan for in advance. For the rest of us, it is sometimes a struggle to get an edible meal on the table even with days of planning and unlimited prep time.
Evan Longoria is not like the rest of us. On Saturday, the Giants' third baseman decided to turn his dinner into his own personal cooking competition. Instead of being given a basket of mystery ingredients, he crowdsourced his grocery list on Instagram:

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Gimme some ideas!

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This process delivered a promising array of ingredients, which Longoria presumably pondered over in his subsequent trip to the batting cages:

It was from those beginnings that Longoria worked his magic. The result was a three-course meal complete with appetizer, soup and a main dish.

Next time you open your pantry to figure out what to make for dinner, it might be a good idea to seek inspiration by putting yourself in Longoria's shoes. From Saturday's exercise, it's clear he could come up with something scrumptious.