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Fan expertly catches foul ball in her bucket hat, probably starts a new trend in the process

Imagine this scenario: You're at a baseball game, and have a great vantage point from the first row of the second deck of seating. A hitter fouls off a pitch and the ball looks like it's making its way in your general direction.
What do you do? Put up your tray of concession-stand fare and hope the ball lodges itself between the beer and nachos? Pull off a slick bare-handed catch? Or, as this woman did in the seventh inning of the Brewers' 6-4 win over the D-Backs at Miller Park on Thursday, calmly use your purple bucket hat as a receptacle and show everybody how it's done?

Here's hoping we see more fans in this type of seat bring bucket hats to the stadium from now on. As great as the barehand play is, it's tough -- and this makes for a pretty fantastic highlight, especially if you bust a move after making the play.