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Watch Felix Hernandez and Adrian Beltre continue their amazing rivalry in this at-bat

Baseball is a sport for rivalries as the entire game can be distilled into hundreds of one-on-one matchups. Felix Hernandez and Adrian Beltre have elevated theirs into an art from. In the past, King Felix flipped the ball to Beltre after fielding his easy comebacker and made fun of him for his struggles in the field. The two continued their schoolyard battles on Wednesday. 
Sure enough, before Beltre was even in the box, the chatter had begun with King Felix asking the third baseman to hurry it up. He then brushed Beltre back off the plate -- perhaps saying "If you're going to take so long to get in the box, you can get right on out." This simply prompted the third baseman to give the starter a wry smile.

After taking a big cut and missing against Felix's change, Beltre asked to see that pitch one more time: 

Taking a break from this rivalry, on a 2-1 pitch Beltre got Dae Ho Lee to tumble headfirst into the stands, perhaps creating a new enemy along the way: 

Beltre got one more chance against Felix's change. Unfortunately for Beltre, it was just a flyout and King Felix emerged victorious:

While King Felix may have won this battle, Beltre and the Rangers won the war. The third baseman homered in the fifth inning as the Rangers went on to win, 14-1.