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The Padres' Fernando Tatis Jr. is a jolt of electricity in human form

The Padres boast a number of blue-chip prospects on their roster, and a few days ago they welcomed a big one back from the injured list when Fernando Tatis Jr. rejoined the club.

The 20-year-old is hitting .315/.379/.577 in his first year of service with the club, but his mere presence alone is turning heads ... and in Tuesday's game with the Giants at Oracle Park, he demonstrated why.

First, he smashed a first-pitch leadoff homer in the first inning:

His offensive exploits extend beyond the batter's box, though, as in the fifth inning he put on the afterburners to plate another run for the Padres.

Exhibiting a poise and confidence well beyond his 20 years, Tatis scored from second base on a ball that didn't even leave the infield:

That's the kind of no-time-to-think-just-act-on-instinct thing that separates elite baseball players from the rest of the pack. Let's remember that he was on the injured list with a hamstring strain. Some players might take things a bit gingerly upon returning from an injury like that, but not him. No way. Just 100 percent, all the time.

He also had to maneuver a bit of a swipe-slide at home plate to avoid the tag ... which was also no problem whatsoever:

If you were wondering about his sprint speed around the bases, the answer is yes, he was efficient.

If he's not already on your radar of Can't-Miss Guys this season and beyond, I'm sure he will be soon.