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Francisco Lindor and a reporter conspired to steal Terry Francona's moment in the spotlight

An essential part of the human condition is that our moments in the sun are both rare and often brief. Monday night, Indians manager Terry Francona learned this truth when he was approached on television to discuss the outing of his starting pitcher, Danny Salazar.
Still, the manager wasn't prepared to let a reporter get in the way of his being both heard and seen.

Not 10 seconds after dealing with the reporter's hindrance, a far more sinister obstruction arose in the form of Francisco Lindor, snatching the viewer's gaze from Francona.

Francona was forced to concede defeat in this instance.
As a manager of a Major League baseball team, Francona will almost certainly have more opportunities in the limelight. But, his insistence on getting what is his serves as a lesson to us all to seize our opportunities whenever they arise.