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George Springer's first-grade teacher came to see him play and she brought cookies

Anyone who has ever had a good teacher knows just how important their support can be. And if you had a really great teacher, you know that support never ends. Astros outfielder George Springer learned that before Friday's game against the Red Sox as his first-grade teacher from when he lived in New Britain, Conn., made the trek to Fenway Park. Not only did she carry a sign and don a Springer shirsey, but she even made cookies. 

Let's just hope she brought enough for the entire team. 
If you were wondering what Springer looked like back in those school days, you're in luck. Here's an extremely fashionable 5-year-old Springer, when he played T-ball for the Orioles: 

And here he is at 8, lining up behing the plate. Maybe one day we'll see him wear the tools of ignorance in the Majors: 

Photos courtesy the Springer family