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George Springer's Spring Training double featured a belly flop and confusion on the basepaths

Ah, Spring Training. It's the time of the year when players work their way back into playing shape and, oh yeah, re-learn how to actually play baseball again. With the spring breeze blowing, it can make that readjustment process a little more difficult. 
During Monday's Mets-Astros game, George Springer hit a high fly to shallow center. Mets center fielder Brandon Nimmo came running in and found that his trigonometric calculations were a bit off. In other words, he belly-flopped. 
Minor Leaguer Myles Straw was on second at the time, and had been running on the pitch. He then had to turn and race back to second before -- whoop -- back to third it is. 

Ah, Spring Training: When a young man's fancy turns to wacky baseball.