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Astros fans, meet the newest ace in your star-studded rotation: Justin Verlander

Late Thursday night, the Astros pulled off a blockbuster trade, sending three of their top prospects to the Tigers in exchange for revitalized ace Justin Verlander. While Verlander's impact on the Astros playoff rotation is hard to overstate, it is important that Astros fans become acquainted with their new pitcher.
Who is Justin Verlander? He's a six-time All-Star, Cy Young Award winner and former American League MVP. But did you know he's also an (not-so-) accomplished pizza maker?

Maybe pizza isn't his thing, but he can cook a mean Thanksgiving turkey, even when faced with his father's wardrobe malfunction.

As his pizza-making adventures showed, Verlander is probably not the most attentive worker in the domestic arena. Even so, he's at least resourceful and innovative.

Regardless of whether or not it is a formal holiday, he's into the spirit of giving.

One thing about Verlander is absolutely clear: The man has a distinctive fashion sense.
He's among the best dressed both in the locker room and on the links:

The same can be said of his beach attire, which -- along with his younger brother Ben -- is on point:

So, Astros fans, if you spent the hours immediately following this trade feeling this way about your team's new pitcher:

We're here to tell you that you should join JV in feelings of unabashed excitement: