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The Busch Stadium dugout didn't want to let Giants catcher Trevor Brown return to the game

On Sunday night, the visitors' dugout at Busch Stadium implemented a new plan to gain an advantage over the Cardinals' opponents: Don't let them take the field. The first target of this frankly ingenious strategy? Giants catcher Trevor Brown:

Brown was delayed getting on the field for the bottom of the fourth inning of the Giants' 6-3 loss to the Cardinals, because the dugout steps latched onto his shin guard and wouldn't let go. Without a catcher, the dugout's thinking must've went, starter Jake Peavy wouldn't have anyone to throw to. Without anyone to throw to, the Cardinals' batters would just get to take their bases, right? Or would the Giants, unable to fill all nine positions, simply have to forfeit? Either way, it would be a success.
Unfortunately for the dugout, Brown eventually did take the field after momentarily tending to his wardrobe malfunction, and he went on to catch a 1-2-3 inning for the Giants. But, as noted earlier, the Cardinals won the game. We'll have to call this one a draw.