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The Giants held a dog parade and costume contest and it was exactly as adorable as it sounds

Throughout baseball history, there have been all manner of great promotions: novelty jerseys, inventive bobbleheads and so, so much food. Occasionally, if we're really lucky, even dogs will get in on the act. We've seen surfing dogs, fedora dogs, even Phanatic dogs. But in San Francisco on Sunday, the Giants created the Platonic ideal of the ballpark promotion -- the promotion to which all others will be measured from now til the heat death of the universe. It had fashion. It had dogs. It was the Dog Days of Summer, and it was everything:

The festivities began, as all festivities must, with a dog parade, as pups from all over trotted around AT&T Park. That was all mere prelude, however, to the main event: a dog costume contest, with fans from all over the Bay Area coming up with their best Giants-themed canine puns/wardrobe. 

Warning: After viewing the following photo, you will be forever changed. 

But not even those Very Adorable Baseball Dogs had what it took to take home the crown. Ladies and gentlemen, your winner is ... Harvey Cueto: 

Alas, the Giants did not play their game against the Mets with a team filled entirely with dogs, but the dream lives on.