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Hunter Pence appeared on Bill Nye's new show because of course he did

Bill Nye The Science Guy (BILL! BILL! BILL!) has a new show on Netflix called "Bill Nye Saves the World." It's a 13-episode affair in which Bill brings in experts and special guests to refute anti-scientific claims and explore problems that affect our everyday lives. One of those special guests was three-time All-Star/player you'd most likely mistake for an actual scientist: Hunter Pence.

Along with making one of his vintage #PenceFaces, the Giants right fielder, keeping it TV casual with some grey sweatpants, hit baseballs into a model of Mars to demonstrate how an asteroid might impact the planet. 

Filmed last October, Pence also talked to Nye about his offseason yoga routines (really, really hot yoga routines). Check out Nye's thoughts on the segment below: