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Why is Yordano Ventura getting so up close and personal with the comebacker he caught?

During the third inning of the Royals' Friday night 7-1 loss to the Indians, Yordano Ventura snagged a comebacker off the bat of Rajai Davis. It was pretty cool -- one of those "wow I must have been bitten by a radioactive sticky hand toy because how else did I catch that" moments. You know, like this:

We would ask ourselves how Ventura managed to make that catch, but we already know the answer (see: sticky hand explanation above). What we're curious about is what he did with the ball after:

Was he trying to use the ball as a walkie talkie? Was he attempting to tell all the other balls not to come near him? Did he just think it was one of those weird egg chapstick things?
The world may never know.