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This adorable young fan gave Harrison Bader a tater tot in the middle of a game

Harrison Bader is one of the very best at tracking down baseballs in the outfield. Turns out, he's also the very best at tracking down tater tots, too. During the Cardinals' 12-3 win against the Rockies on Sunday, this adorable kid asked, "Hey Harrison, do you want my tater tot?" 

Sure enough, Harrison came over and collected it: 

While everyone loves the fried potato orbs, there was an even better reason for the rookie outfielder to snack on one. His Players' Weekend jersey read "TOTS" -- you know, as in Bader tots? (Get it?) 

Don't be surprised if this becomes a new mid-game snack for the outfielder. The tater tot-powered Bader raced around to score from second base on a ball that never left the infield. 

That's the immense caloric power of the tater tot.