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Hawk Harrelson called a fly ball a 'can of corn' ... and then it left the yard

In the video above, you can watch Adam Eaton turn and retreat after Mark Canha's deep fly ball to right field. You might assume that this means the ball has a pretty good chance to clear the wall, or at the very least, get over Eaton's head. Former arm wrestler and skydiving enthusiast Hawk Harrelson, however, is an optimist. He's a man of integrity. A man of passion
So, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, the White Sox broadcaster kept it cool. "Can of corn," he said, as Eaton got even closer to the wall. But, sadly, not even Harrelson's dulcet tones could keep it off the board -- a few seconds later, the ball landed in the right-field seats. 
Poor Hawk. You fought the good fight. In the end, there just wasn't quite enough will to win.