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Watch this high school softball player's utterly mesmerizing behind-the-back bunt

We who love baseball tend to have a particular hierarchy of offensive plays. Not sure what that means? Think about it this way -- we celebrated Bryce Harper's 100th home run, but we probably won't celebrate his 100th bunt. Bunts are supposed to move a runner forward with little to no fanfare.
But Pennsylvania high schooler Sarah Rowles doesn't care about that. In a Juniata softball game this week, she pulled off a behind-the-back bunt that deserves its own fireworks:

The bunt was good for a single,but we think it should have been an automatic win for Rowles' team, and probably an automatic coronation as Queen of Small Ball for Rowles.
Now, who wants to guess how long it'll take the Royals to learn to do this? Better yet, when will Bartolo Colon learn to do this?