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An adorable Easter egg hunt broke out at the Giants game when a HR landed in flowers

With Easter just a few days behind us, it might seem safe to hypothesize that many kids have spent the past week or so really honing their skills when it comes to scouring vegetation in search of small orbs. But Tuesday night's Cactus League game between the Royals and Giants might be evidence to the contrary.
Giants infield prospect Austin Slater took Yordano Ventura deep to center field in the third inning. The ball landed in the flower bed that sits beyond Surprise Stadium's outfield wall, prompting an entire group of children to scamper over in search of a home-grown souvenir. The home run egg hunt was on:

Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler left his perch in the booth to hustle down and join the search, but before he made it out into the brush, one child emerged from the scrum victorious:

Although just one little boy could take the ball and go home, all the kids left with the memory of having gone to a baseball game where a spontaneous Easter egg hunt broke out.