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Ian Kinsler accidentally stole third base after forgetting the number of outs

On Sunday, the Dodgers and Angels played an exhibition game at Angel Stadium. As a reminder, an exhibition game is exactly that: a practice game, of sorts, until the season officially gets under way on Thursday.
That said, things can happen in exhibition games that would ordinarily be a bigger deal in a regular-season game. Things such as forgetting the number of outs as a runner on second base and somehow ending up walking/stealing third base.
This amusing scenario happened in the sixth inning involving Ian Kinsler on second, Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal and third baseman Logan Forsythe -- who was unable to rush over to third in time to get Kinsler:

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@i.kinsler3 knows he got away with one. 😂

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It's a stolen base in the box score, so well done, Ian!