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Watch Ian Kinsler intentionally fake out Colby Rasmus with a dropped popup

Being a middle infielder requires a strong sense of awareness, and Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler demonstrated a keen eye for detail in Sunday's game in Houston.
With Colby Rasmus on first with nobody out on the bottom of the fifth inning, Tyler White lofted a high popup. Knowing that Rasmus is a faster runner than White, Kinsler nonchalantly let the ball drop right in front of him before lightly tossing it to second base for the force out.

After a short umpire conference, everyone realized this was perfectly legal and was not under the jurisdiction of the infield fly rule since there was no runner on second base (and, thus, no force out at third). 
Because he was running to first base rather than assuming he was out on the popup, White was safe on the play. Let that be a lesson to all you Little Leaguers out there!
The Tigers may have lost Sunday's game, but Kinsler's efforts didn't go unnoticed.