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In his prime, A-Rod says he couldn't hit it farther than Aaron Judge if he was standing on second

During an interview with on Thursday, Alex Rodriguez was asked if, in his prime, he had more power than Aaron Judge.
Well, let's zoom back in time to 2007 -- the season 31-year-old A-Rod hit 54 homers, drove in 156, posted a career-high 1.067 OPS and won the American League MVP Award. This was probably his prime. This was hit pretty far.

But A-Rod, as you can also watch in the main clip, answered with a laugh:
"Oh my, that's not even close. I can hit it from second base and he's gonna hit it farther. In my wildest dream, I'd hope to be as strong as Aaron Judge. He's a phenomenal talent."
Yeah, I guess he's right (and, just think, the 25-year-old Judge may still be a few years away from his prime).