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Trevor Bauer's curveball was so good on this strikeout that even he couldn't believe it

Sometimes, a pitcher fires in a third strike and knows it right away. Take Sergio Romo.  Watch the master Jose Valverde.
Other times, they record a strikeout and have no idea. Trevor Bauer fell into that category on Wednesday night -- when he threw a fourth-inning curveball to Logan Forsythe that dropped out of the heavens into the upper-left quadrant of the strike zone. Look at his "Welp, that's a ball ... wait, that was a strike?" reaction:

Yes. A strike, Trevor:

Turns out, Bauer's stuff being too good for even him to believe was a theme for the night. The right-hander pitched a complete game, striking out 10 while giving up just one run and three hits. Cleveland won, 6-1, and has now won 11 straight games at home.