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Turn on the griddle and get ready to celebrate National (Joey) Pancake Day

A little while ago, we told you where you can get delicious foods named after your favorite baseball players. Need the Dave Parker Porker or a Madison Bumgarner sandwich?
Sure, they sound good, but do those players have food built into their very names? No, they do not, which is why it's time to remember the delightfully named Joey Pankake. After all, it is National Pancake Day

Pankake (and yes, it's pronounced like the breakfast food), was drafted by the Tigers in 2014. An All-SEC outfielder from the University of South Carolina, he is a gift to any broadcaster who wants to make a lot of breakfast-based puns.
Sometimes, you're just served golden (brown) opportunities on a platter: 

However, no one has taken advantage of our friend Joey's last name as much as Tigers manager Brad Ausmus. During a Spring Training game in 2015, he batted in two runs. Here's what Ausmus had to say about it:
When asked about Pankake after the game, Ausmus jokingly replied [that he] … "really waffled the ball."

"He hit the crepe out of it," Ausmus added. "I was hoping he hit a grand slam."
Yeah, that's definitely a Denny's joke at the end.