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After running into the wall to make a great catch, Jace Peterson hit a walk-off home run over it

Jace Peterson and the outfield wall may have been friends entering Sunday, but like Kanye and Taylor,  their alliance has been shattered. In the top of the third inning of the Braves' 7-6 win against the Nationals on Sunday, Peterson raced back and made a great catch. Only problem, the wall was there and rather than embracing Peterson in loving arms, it squashed him and his sunglasses. Seen in slow-mo, it's like looking at a lava lamp

But Peterson remembered the slight. So when he came up in the bottom of the 10th and the game knotted at 6, he had options: Rocket the ball to the wall, or just go up and over it? Peterson went with the latter. 

The alliance was shattered, sure, but the Braves won. I think Peterson prefers that. The outfielder talked about his catch after the game to's Pat James:
"I knew had a good jump on it, and I just tried to turn and really get up and catch it. The wall was right there, and I caught it and hit the wall and was able to hang onto it."
And how did it feel to defeat the wall?
"My face and kind of my shoulder broke most of it. Jut got the wind knocked out of me and couldn't breath. It took a minute to kind of catch my breath and all good."