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Jake Arrieta struck out swinging and may have received the biggest Wrigley ovation of the night

Sure, the Cubs won on a walk-off, bases-loaded single in the 13th inning against the Pirates on Monday. That definitely made Wrigley Field excited.
But oddly, perhaps the greatest ovation of the night came after Jake Arrieta struck out swinging in the fourth inning. The onesie-wearing #pitcherwhorakes got a standing O from the Wrigley faithful after he battled Pirates starter Steven Brault in an epic 14-pitch at-bat. One in which he fouled off eight straight pitches and hit a ball 109 mph into the stands. Listen to the crowd noise rise from a murmur to a crescendo below:

It's no Ricky Gutierrez vs. Bartolo Colon,  but still, very impressive for pitcher against pitcher. Bonus: If you look back at that Vine, it looks like Brault is doing a funny, one-legged dance right off the mound.