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Jake Bauers' barrel roll into third base was effective at avoiding the tag, but not at touching the base

In order to improve in both our professional and personal lives, it is sometimes necessary to try new things. They won't always work perfectly on the first try, but the path toward greatness is paved with minor failures.
It looks like Rays rookie Jake Bauers has been working on a new sliding technique and, during the first inning of Thursday afternoon's game against the Yankees, he tested it out on his way to third base. His barrel roll worked in that he avoided the tag from a diving Miguel Andujar:

However, Bauers' new slide was deficient in that it did not conclude with him touching third base. When he tried to correct that flaw, he found Andujar blocking his path. So, what did he do? Well, he cut his losses and just took off for home. 

While Bauers' rolling slide ultimately led to an out in this instance, he should be encouraged that he avoided the tag on his way to third. If he can just stick his arm out and touch the base, he could be on to a new and improved slide.