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Jake Cave robbed Albert Almora Jr. with a diving catch and got two hat tips

Plato's Allegory of the Cave is about how the pursuit of truth can often lead to startling revelations regarding the nature of our reality. The Allegory of Jake Cave is about how a man's pursuit of a fly ball can lead to a startling robbery of what would otherwise be an extra-base hit. 
In the bottom of the fourth inning of Saturday's steamy hot Twins-Cubs game (game started at 91 degrees), Albert Almora Jr. learned this allegory the hard way. With David Bote on third base, the outfielder laced a hard drive to the gap. Cave raced after it and dove for the ball to steal the hit away. 
While the run still came around to score on the sacrifice fly, Almora had no choice but to tip his helmet in appreciation for the defensive wonder. PItcher Adalberto Mejía did the same. 

Guess they're big fans of the classics.