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Listen to Jarrod Saltalamacchia's scary ghost story during the Red Sox broadcast

Jarrod Saltalamacchia has 11 years of Major League play under his belt. He was a World Series champion in 2013 with the Red Sox and the current free agent has been spending some time in the booth covering Red Sox games. Another fact you may not know about Saltalamacchia is he has quite a few ghost stories on his resume.
When the Rays fell to the Red Sox, 3-1, on Saturday, Salty took his talents behind the scenes as a color commentator. He was a natural talking about the game, but wanted to squeeze in a few spine-tingling tales to the viewers about his ghost encounters. Especially the times he was staying at hotels on the road.
He told the story of a hotel he stayed at back in 2011 (likely the Vinoy, though it's not specified) that had multiple ghost stories surrounding it. Salty was already a bit weary of the place having heard of the hauntings, especially on the seventh floor where he would be sleeping that night. This particular story he heard involved a young boy and his father who sported a top hat.

While he was in a dead sleep that night, he heard a door slam, which immediately woke him up and he noticed his door was open. It was a bit peculiar, but he went back to sleep. That was until he heard another noise and can you guess what he opened his eyes to? It was two figures … a boy, and a man … in a top hat.
One of the NESN hosts was particularly spooked by the narrative. Especially when he found out he was staying on -- yep -- the seventh floor.

Click above for the entire story from Saltamacchia, just make sure to watch it while the sun is still up. Sweet dreams …