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Javier Baez's son is ready for baseball season with some cute Cubs diapers

Javier Baez has spent his entire professional career with the Cubs, ever since they drafted him in the first round of the 2011 Draft. He came up through their farm system and became one of the best prospects in baseball. Then he won a World Series with the team in 2016 and was an MVP finalist in 2018. So, yeah, it's safe to assume he's a Cubs fan at this point.
And wouldn't you know it: He's already passing that fandom on to his son. On Saturday, the youngest Baez showed his excitement for the start of Spring Training with a Cubs diaper:

It's never too young to start getting excited about baseball. Just look at this kid. He probably doesn't even know what baseball is, but he knows -- intuitively -- that wearing a baseball-themed diaper is a happy time. Never change, kid!