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What does a never-before-seen 2011 scouting report have to say about Javier Baez?

Let's talk about Javier Baez. He's quickly becoming the face of the postseason -- the player you just can't look away from, even if you came into October cheering for a team that was playing against him. Come on, how can you tear your eyes away from plays like this?

Or this perhaps even more impressive defensive gem?

OK, OK, there have been a few times this postseason we have taken our eyes off him -- but that's mostly because he was moving faster than the speed of light:

But let's take a look back an Major League Scouting Bureau scouting report on Baez from 2011. What did he look like before he shone so brightly on the postseason stage? Click the image below to enlarge 
Baez has certainly improved during his three seasons in MLB. Much like the scouting report predicts, he seems to have grown into his defensive capabilities and is arguably exceeding a "5" when it comes to baserunning. Of course, he's still striking out more than average, with a 24-percent K-rate this season compared to 21.1 percent league-wide. But it's an improvement from his 2015, when he was striking out 30 percent of the time. But in NLDS Game 4, he knew just what to do at the plate:

And just like Francisco Lindor, Baez was described as "fun to watch." That's undeniable, but what about the rest of his grades? Let's just say this -- in the five years since this report was filed, Baez has proven he's certainly aggressive … and far from slow: